TikTok users are fascinated with this woman's tattooed freckles

TikTok users are fascinated with this woman's tattooed freckles
TikTok trend for fake freckles leaves woman looking like a chimney sweeper

An Australian tattoo artist has gone viral after sharing her client's inked freckles.

In a clip that's attracted over 3.5 million views, Daisy (@daisylovesick) shared the woman's intricate face tatts, mentioning that she had travelled 900 miles for the appointment. "OBSESSED with these freckle tattoos," she penned as the caption.

The clip showed a 'before' photo of the woman shortly followed by the final result. Her skin looked red and swollen, but Daisy was quick to mention that it was completely normal post-tattoo.

She said: "A lot of the times, the freckles are gonna look like this right after they're done,

"My clients are fully prepared that this is what they're going to walk out of the studio looking like."

Daisy added: ''I am so absolutely obsessed with how these freckles came out. I am so, so happy, I especially love all those gorgeous ones across the nose.''

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OBSESSED with these freckle tattoos ✨ #freckletattoo #facetattoo #cosmetictattooartist #tattooartist

Some users were left confused, simply asking the question "why?" One TikToker jokingly responded: "'WHO WOULD TATTOO FRECKLES'? I would. My whole family has freckles expect me to".

Many more suggested the clip set off their trypophobia, a strong fear or disgust of closely packed holes.

One said, "trypophobia is peaking," while another reiterated: "My trypophobia entered the chat".

The client herself commented on the clip, thanking Daisy for her work: "ITS MEEEhahaha I am so in love with these thank you so so so much".

Daisy tends to share the settled results over on Instagram. In a recent post, she shared a separate client's healed "light coverage freckles" and people loved them.

"They are Perfect," one said, while another asked: "Do you work with clients from other countries? Because this American might have to get on a flight!"

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