27 of the most hilarious memes about the UK’s relentless heatwave

27 of the most hilarious memes about the UK’s relentless heatwave

The UK is experiencing a rather relentless heatwave at the moment and, if you know anything about the British, it’s that they can’t handle a bit of heat.

Temperatures across the country have been exceeding 30C+ for the past few days and, while it all started out as a bit of fun, it has quickly morphed into a never-ending sense of torture and inability to do anything without sweating profusely.

Gone are the BBQs and trips to the beach which have been replaced by a desire to be as close to a paddling pool at all times, or seeking as much shade as possible.

Extreme heat weather warnings have been put in place by the Met Office which warns that temperates could reach 32C in southern England and Wales on Wednesday. This was after Tuesday became the hottest day of the year so far with Heathrow Airport recording a scorching 32.2C.

Needless to say, everything from travelling to sleeping has become a lot harder but if there’s one thing that the Brits can do better than anyone it’s making jokes – and they have not disappointed.

It’s so hot that some people can’t sleep.

Of course, there are Simpsons memes. There are always Simpsons memes.

Why is literally everything sweating?

Just scrap clothes for the next few days, we’re sure no one will mind.

Even Premier League footballers are struggling.

When it’s too hot to cook fish and chips, you really have to ask ‘how hot is too hot?’

Meanwhile, you really have to applaud this man’s ingenuity.

Like Michael Jackson once said, “what have we done to the world?”

Thankfully it looks like things will start to cool down by the weekend but, wait, what’s this? Another heatwave in August?

Good luck everyone...

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