Britain might be getting a sex doll brothel


Technology knows no ends. Case in point: sex robot brothels might soon be a thing.

Lumidolls, the company behind Europe’s first sex doll brothel, opened a venue in Barcelona, where customers can get intimate with sex dolls.

But it was forced to close one month later after a backlash from prostitutes, and reopened in a mystery venue. Now, it's looking to send its dolls further afield.

The company told the Daily Star Online:

We are currently in the process of expanding and looking for more franchisees in other countries.

Apparently, they're looking for an investor in the UK.

Brothels are illegal in the UK, so sex dolls offer a legal loophole.

Customers pay around £67 for half an hour with a doll, according to the Star. The dolls can be dressed according to the customers’ taste, and can wait for the customer in a particular pose on request.

And watch this space, because LumiDolls says “erotic robots” will soon be available, too, adding that they have an agreement with a maker of sex robots.

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