You can now use this handy app to build your own sex robot. Single men around the world, rejoice

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Don't panic if your sex doll is beginning to bore you. Artificial Intelligence has stepped in to save the day.

First, Abyss Creations brought us lifelike mannequin dolls.

Then, inevitably, customer demand dictated that they develop silicone 'RealDolls' - i.e. a cross between sex dolls and robots, with lifelike genitalia which respond to sexual caressing.

But that wasn't enough, as it turns out. Customers now want a personality to go with their sex robot.

Men - they don't want much, do they?

(Side note: there are 18 different female body types to choose from, with almost unlimited combinations of eye colour, hair colour, pubic styling and nipple size. There are two male versions to choose from.)

So, an Abyss Creations company subsidiary, known as Realbotix, has developed an Artificial Intelligence App, with which you can create actual 'personalities' for your sex doll.

The price of love

The app, Harmony A.I., syncs with the latest RealDolls via a tablet or smartphone, and allows users to interact with their sex dolls using their voice.

Like any digital assistant, the AI builds up a memory of information and response related to the user.

The doll's AI will therefore over time learn about and respond to the user's personality, to "create an engaging simulation of a relationship", according to Abyss Creations.

The new RealDolls are expected to cost around $10,000 for a basic model.

Who said money couldn't buy you love?

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