Celebrity sex robots will soon be a reality

Celebrity sex robots will soon be a reality
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Sex with robots will be a new type of intimacy... Apparently.

In November we reported on Abyss Creations, a company which has been developing realistic sex dolls for 20 years, and are currently planning on releasing new models – equipped with warm, life-like genitalia – in 2017.

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But if you thought that it couldn’t get any weirder – prepare to be wrong.

Because it seems like Westworld is slowly becoming a reality - sex robot makers might soon be rolling out made-to-order identical models of your celebrity crush.

This is really happening.

According to Love and Sex with Robots author David Levy, celebrities could soon license their images to robot manufacturers, who would then create lifelike robot versions.

In addition to companies using photographs and video to make the models look like your chosen celebrity, they can even give the thing a pulse, mimicking life.

It gets worse better.

These robots will be so life-like that they will eventually be able to mimic the chosen celebrity's behavior and characteristics.

Earlier this year one Scarlett Johansson super fan spent £34,000 to create a doll in the actor's image. It even responds to compliments with smiles and giggles.

So you see, you won’t just get an Adele sex robot, you can get her laugh too.

What a time to be alive.

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