Ukrainian cartoon mocks Russia with a singing tractor pulling a tank

Crowds gather in downtown Kyiv for an impromptu performance by the military

A Ukrainian cartoon appears to mock Russia’s military by showing a tractor pulling along on of its tanks.

As the war in Ukraine has rumbled on, it’s become clear that Russia’s advance into the country has been slower than anyone predicted.

Many Ukrainians have stayed behind to help its military defend their country from the Russian invasion.

Now, even a children’s cartoon has taken the opportunity to mock and belittle the Russians.

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A clip of the cartoon was posted on TikTok and reposted to an even bigger audience on Twitter by Marcus Moody.

In the clip, a blue tractor can be seen joyfully pulling along a tractor with the letter “Z” emblazoned on the side – the letter has become synonymous with Russian military vehicles.

The tractor pulls the tank along while singing a song. Later, a sheep inside the tank pokes its head out of the vehicle and starts to join in.

The clip has gone viral and has been liked almost 21,000 times. It’s unclear whether the video comes from a genuine episode of a cartoon, or if it has been edited.

Regardless, people have been enjoying the trolling of the Russians.

One person replied: “Ukrainians have not lost their spirit... and sense of humor!”

Another said: “The more I see, the more I love Ukraine and it’s people. I intend to visit as soon as this is over.”

Someone else wrote: “This is absolutely AMAZING! I AM ALL FOR THIS!!”

Another claimed: “This is the best propaganda of all time.”

One person simply wrote: “Proper trolling.”

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