Ukraine just threw epic shade at Russia using The Simpsons

Ukraine just threw epic shade at Russia using The Simpsons

Why do countries have Twitter feeds if not to throw shade? Answer: They don't have them any other reason.

The Russian embassy in the UK is usually the one known for it's sass, but now the official account of Ukraine has been engaging in digital warfare of sorts.

Not a hack, but a well deployed GIF.

Given the ascendancy of Donald Trump, and our own election, the former member of the USSR has slipped from the forefront of our minds.

In 2014 the country was invaded by Russia. Russia called this an 'annexation' due to the large Russian population living in the Crimea.

Relations haven't been great since the invasion plunged Ukraine into a civil war between pro and anti Russia proxies.

On Tuesday, Ukraine's official account (again why does it have one) shared this image:

It was a jibe at Russia, implying it was an international powerhouse long before Russia was.

Russia responded:

And so Ukraine took recourse with a Simpson's GIF.

Ukraine was once a part of the USSR until it declared independence 24 August 1991, and ratified this with a referendum in December of the same year.

Which explains the GIF choice.

People were impressed:

HT Gizmodo

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