Ukrainian asks troops whose tank had ran out of fuel if they want a 'tow back to Russia'

Brave Ukrainian woman confronts heavily armed Russian troops

A video showing a brave Ukrainian man mocking Russian troops to their face and offering them a “tow them back to Russia” has gone viral.

While most people’s natural reaction to seeing a tank would be to drive away as quickly as possible, the remarkable footage shows the man drive alongside it and stop to talk to its occupants.

Translations on social media show the soldiers telling the man they’re out of gas, and have broken down on the road.

Then, the man offers to “tow them back to Russia”, causing the Russian soldiers to laugh.

The soldiers ask what the media is saying about the invasion, with the driver saying that Ukraine “is winning, Russians are surrendering”.

The man then drives off, passing another tank on his way.

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It’s one of many videos being shared online showing the Ukrainian’s incredible courage during the invasion.

Footage which appears to show a Ukrainian man attempting to stop a convoy of Russian trucks by himself has also gone viral.

Ukrainian news outlet HB shared the footage, which shows a figure standing in front of a line of what appear to be Russian military vehicles.

A Ukrainian woman has also been praised for her bravery after she confronted a heavily-armed Russian soldier with sunflower seeds.

In footage captured and spread on social media, the woman is seen giving the soldier sunflower seeds (Ukraine's national flower) so that they might grow when he dies.

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