Video of Ukrainian man trying to stop convoy of Russian trucks by himself goes viral

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Incredible footage which appears to show a Ukrainian man attempting to stop a convoy of Russian trucks by himself has gone viral.

The clip has gathered comparisons to the iconic images of the “tank man” of Tiananmen Square online.

Ukrainian news outlet HB shared the footage, which shows a figure standing in front of a line of what appear to be Russian military vehicles.

While they attempt to drive around him, the man seems to be attempting to block their way in an incredible act of bravery.

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HB tweeted the video with the caption: “Ukrainian rushes under enemy equipment so that the occupiers do not pass.”

Social media users have been reacting to the video, with freelance journalist Henty Langston writing: “Amazingly brave Ukrainian tries to stop a Russian military convoy by blocking the vehicles with his body just like the ‘Tank Man’ in Tiananmen Square.”

Another added: “This is what hero’s look like.”

“War is hell, but in it there are also moments that show humanity at our best,” another said.

It comes after a Ukrainian woman was praised for her bravery after she confronted a heavily-armed Russian soldier with sunflower seeds.

In footage captured and spread on social media, the woman is seen giving the soldier sunflower seeds (Ukraine's national flower) so that they might grow when he dies.

It was uploaded on the second day of Putin's invasion of Ukraine. Since then, heavy street fighting against Russian troops has broken out in Ukraine’s capital cityKyiv as officials urged locals to take immediate shelter.

Reuters has reported that Kyiv has been struck by two missiles in the southwest areas of the city centre.

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