Ukraine pilot shares blood-covered selfie after blasting suicide drones out of sky

Ukraine pilot shares blood-covered selfie after blasting suicide drones out of sky
Ukraine's Zelensky says at least 10 killed in Donetsk shelling

A well-known Ukrainian pilot shared a blood-covered selfie on social media after blasting down two missiles and five Iranian-made suicide drones before jumping out of his plane.

In October, Major Vadym Voroshylov was ejected from his MiG fighter jet following a battle with the Iranian drones in the Ukrainian city of Vinnytsia.

He suffered a head wound which caused blood to cover his face.

But war didn't prevent him from sharing a photo of himself with his thumbs up on social media.

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"No one and nothing can break us!

"The Defense Forces of Ukraine stand to protect not only our State, they stand to protect the whole civilized world; it is a shield that protects the Western world from the horde that leaves only chaos and destruction behind! But this protection is very expensive for the sons of Ukraine, so it needs to be understood and remembered!" he captioned a post shared to his Instagram account.

And on 5 December, Ukrainian president Volodymyr Zelensky awarded Voroshylov the"Hero of Ukraine, Order of the Gold Star" award.

It is Ukraine's highest military achievement.

Even though Voroshylov has become one of Ukraine's most respected fighters, he considered not flying anymore.

He believed the Ukrainian airforce "always" put the "blame" on pilots even if the issues weren't their fault. So, he decided to leave the service behind.

This was all before Russian President Vladimir Putin gave the green light for the 25 February attack on Ukraine.

Still, Voroshylov enlisted back into the service to fight against the threat looming over his country.

Voroshylov became known as a drone killer after shooting down five in one week.

Elsewhere, Forbes reported that Voroshylov is back in the air after recovering from his wounds.

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