18 uncool things that have become cool again

18 uncool things that have become cool again

Reddit really does ask the best questions.

The latest conundrum that’s got the site's users talking is: What would have been considered uncool 15 years ago, but now is seen as cool/trendy?

In the age of the hipster, you'd think that should be easy. But when we put our mind to it, all we can think of is corduroy flares. They’re cool again, aren’t they?

According to Reddit users, these are the things you can welcome back into your life and still be cool:


Stock cell phone ringtones


Online dating. It's totally normal now to go online looking for a spouse or random hookup. Back then not so much.


Having a large phone. Nowadays that means clearer graphics and an easier time dealing with your emails. In 2001 if your new phone was bigger than your old one you were doing it wrong.


Taking photos of yourself



Joggers. The pants. I remember back when I was in school, if you wore sweatpants or any pants with elastic around the bottom.. you were a nerd.

- Gakule

Big framed glasses.


I feel like most of us girls hated thick brows back in the day. Now full brows are totally in.


Two-strapping your backpack. One-strapping was the norm 15 years ago but not anymore friends.





Liking star trek. I had to hide that at school to survive. Now kids are wearing it on t-shirts and shit


Anime. While its still not quite main stream, it is very popular, and 15 years ago if you admitted you watched anime it was a death sentence to your social life.


Star Wars wasn't doing so hot then. Now though it's back with a fucking vengence.


Having a disproportionately big butt.





Speaking to the president of Taiwan.


Bernie Sanders





Taking pictures of your food. Unless you have a restaurant or bakery


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