Viral TikTok shows United Airlines passenger ‘kicked off flight’ after he ‘refuses to wear his mask’

Viral TikTok shows United Airlines passenger ‘kicked off flight’ after he ‘refuses to wear his mask’

A TikTok has gone viral after a man was thrown off a flight for refusing to wear a mask and threatening flight staff and passengers.

The incident occurred onboard a United Airlines flight to Los Angeles that had yet to take off and was captured by TikTok user @starcadearcade.

In a series of TikTok videos, they filmed a man as he argued with a flight attendant, taking off his mask on a packed plane to shout at them.

The man can be heard threatening them, shouting: “The f**k you talking to? I will find your name, date of birth and address. I will know your social security number before I get off this plane. On my daughter.”


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The man then shoves past another passenger next to him so he can get into the aisle and approach the flight attendant directly.

He shouts, still maskless, in a flight attendant’s face, “What’s the law going to do?”. When a fellow passenger attempts to intervene, he tells them: “Mind your business, because I will break your neck.”

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The clip has been viewed 3.4 million times and it was explained in a follow up TikTok that the argument started when the man refused to hang up the phone or wear a mask.

The person filming the incident found the ordeal was far from over as another passenger who attempted to intervene ripped his phone out of his hand when they noticed they were recording.

Footage captured by another passenger showed the man surrounded by three people who were shouting at him for filming.

They wrote: “Now 3 guys yelling at me with death threats.”


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Another TikTok showed he was able to retrieve his phone and walk away to diffuse the situation.

Later, the man who was involved in the original argument said: “Let’s go to jail, because I’m the only [N-word] that’s on this plane that’s fit to go to jail.”


Reply to @whatthafa Adults only pls, sensitive content. The last post on this got taken down ⛳️ #starcade #travel #StudentSectionSauce #plane

The TikTok user explained that the police arrived and escorted the man and his cousin from the plane.

Other TikTokers were shocked by the behaviour and were horrified that the man was not wearing a mask while shouting on a busy plane.

One person wrote: “yeah no, it’s the spit flying out of his mouth.”

Another commented: “He’s spitting his germs all over the place.”

Someone else suggested the man may no longer be able to travel, writing: “Welcome to the no fly list.”

indy100 has contacted United Airlines for comment.

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