US govt tweets baffling meme featuring talking dog and flying toasters

US govt tweets baffling meme featuring talking dog and flying toasters
Peru celebrates International Dog Day with race

Happy International Dog Day to those who celebrate - including the US Consumer Product Safety Commission apparently.

On Friday, the USCPSC tweeted a head-scratching photo honoring international dog day featuring the famed Shiba Inu meme.

The photo, set at the beach, features a woman in a wheelchair asking her Shiba Inu to sing her a song it apparently wrote. In the background are flying toasters with toast and what looks like legs emerging from them.

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We have no idea what tune the song is set to but we'd like to assume it's Bad Romance by Lady Gaga.

"Potato and Iris! Best of pals! Taking beach trips and reporting flying toasters! Potato and Iris, beach trip pals, flying toasters have met their maaaaatch!" The lyrics read.

In a follow-up tweet the US government agency reminded people to report unsafe products, and sing with their dogs.

The nonsensical meme caught the attention of people who found it both hysterical and random.

There has been a growing trend of companies and official Twitter accounts posting less serious content onto their platforms to attract younger audiences.

Young people find s***posting and silly content more relatable, thus incentivizing them to follow and listen to the official account.

The account posted the ridiculous meme just days after the official White House Twitter account trolled congresspeople who spoke out against Biden's student loan forgiveness plan.

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