‘Vacuous poser’: Pub worker shocked after ‘boss sent deeply insulting text’ when she quit

<p>18-year-old Kiara Claire said she was left shocked and upset by the alleged message from one of the pub’s managers</p>

18-year-old Kiara Claire said she was left shocked and upset by the alleged message from one of the pub’s managers

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Handing in your notice is never easy, but you don’t expect to be bad-mouthed in the process.

This is, however, allegedly what happened to one bar worker after she quit her pub job in Sale, Greater Manchester, only to be sent a series of insults.

Kiara Claire, 18, said she was told she was “useless” and a “vacuous poster” in lengthy text message purporting to be from her assistant manager.

She had worked at the King’s Ransom pub since May but, last Saturday informed her boss that she had applied for a new role elsewhere, the Manchester Evening News reports.

He was initially supportive, she said, and encouraged her to go for a trial shift with her new potential employer.

However, things allegedly took a sour turn when the trial was successful and she confirmed she would be leaving the pub.

Kiara said she messaged the senior staff member to let him know of the move, writing: “The trial shift has gone amazingly today and they want me to start whenever I can.

“I will be handing in my notice tomorrow when I come in. I can’t thank you and the rest of the team more than enough for giving me a job."

The response she received, which she claims was from her assistant manager, left her "shocked and devastated".

According to a screen grab shared with local media, the biting reply read: “Kiara. My love. It’s my wedding day. I don’t give a toss if you’re employed or not.

“And whilst we’re doing this, as you have had the level of disrespect to message me, with this meaningful nonsense. ON MY WEDDING DAY. I would like to give you some home truths.

“You have no initiative. You are a vacuous poser. You are too focused on how you look and not what you do. You are a useless employee.

“You would rather text than do your job. You should be embarrassed about this.

“But hear my words. Because they will do you a favour. Nobody is interested in YOU. Your work ethics are the only thing matter. Focus on the job and stop focusing on yourself.

“Beauty will fade. Dumb b**** is forever.”

Manchester Evening News

Kiara initially assumed the response was a joke, but said it soon began to get to her.

“I was on FaceTime with my friends and I read it out and they were all getting quite mad about it,” she told the Manchester Evening News.

“It was only until the next morning when I re-read it that I started to get upset about it because the way it had been set out looked like he was being quite serious about it.

“I suffer from anxiety and it was quite shocking and upsetting to read. It did make me feel worse, it knocked my confidence.”

The assistant manager has since insisted he did not send the message and that it was, in fact, sent by friends from his phone.

Meanwhile, King’s Ransom has responded to the incident by launching an investigation.

The pub told indy100 in a statement: “It has come to our attention that a highly hurtful and malicious message was sent to one of our team by another member of staff.

“Our general manager is aware of this and she is investigating this matter urgently. We expect all our teams to treat each other with courtesy and respect and we’re shocked and disappointed by the contents of the message that we have read.”

They added that the business had suffered a barrage of abuse since the fall-out in an attempt to “antagonise [the] situation further”.

“Since this incident began to gain traction on social media there have been multiple fake accounts set up that claim to be people who work at the pub, which are posting Facebook comments to antagonise this situation further,” they said.

“These accounts are in no way related to the pub and we have reported them to Facebook so they can be removed as soon as possible.”

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