Venomous snake pulled from family's fridge in 'traumatic' scenes

Venomous snake pulled from family's fridge in 'traumatic' scenes
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A venomous snake was pulled from a family’s built-in water dispenser on their fridge in a “traumatic” incident.

In Australia, of course, there is a whole host of deadly animals that could cause you serious harm. From pythons engaging in cannibalism to kangaroos fighting a full-grown man, it seems you have to keep your wits about you Down UInder.

For one family, that was certainly true after a huge venomous red-bellied black snake was found dangling out of their fridge’s water and ice dispenser.

It was found by Gail Auricht, who discovered the 80-centimetre long (31 inches) snake chilling from the fridge in the home’s outdoor entertainment area in Adelaide Hills, Adelaide.

It’s thought that the snake was looking for a place to cool off from the intense heat and became stuck. Thankfully, a professional snake handler was safely able to free the snake and remove it.

A friend of Auricht wrote on X/Twitter explaining that the situation was “traumatic” due to her son’s past bad experience with a snake.

“This was in my friend’s fridge yesterday. To make it worse her son was bitten by a venomous snake when he was just 6 years old so this was extremely traumatic for her.”

In the comments, the friend explained how Auricht made the discovery, writing: “Her cat was hissing at the fridge in the dark so she turned the light on and saw this.”

Despite being venomous, red-bellied black snakes are not known to be particularly aggressive and often only bite when they feel threatened or provoked.

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