Recruiter sparks uproar after claiming British people don't want to work

Recruiter sparks uproar after claiming British people don't want to work
Recruiter claims British people don't want to work
Channel 4

British people simply "don't want to work", according to a recruiter, causing uproar across social media.

During an episode of Channel 4's A Very British Job Vacancy, recruiterSarah Duke discussed foreign workers and their willingness to do jobs Brits don't want to do.

Referring to British people, CRS Recruitment consultant Viola said: "They want work, we give them work, and they don't show up."

Sarah agreed, saying: "You're 100 per cent right. Honestly, the British don't want to work.

"The thing with Eastern Europe is they never came in with the attitude of, 'Oh, no, you need to give me this high powered job'".

Viola then suggested that foreign workers are eager to earn money and have no preference in the type of work.

"They came to this country for earning money, and they don't care about what kind of job there is to do," she said, to which Sarah added: "I'm absolutely flummoxed as to what else we need to do.

"After Covid, I reckon we're going to have to open the borders more and let more people in."

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Sarah highlighted a notable demand for workers, especially with an increase in everyone ordering online over the course of the pandemic.

"Work has gone through the roof. It's mental because, obviously, we deal with logistics," Sarah explained. "What happened in lockdown, everyone started ordering online.

"The number of depots we supply has doubled since the pandemic. Every business right now is in a situation where they just don't know what the government is going to do.

"The good thing about agencies is, we can plug the gap for short term workers and if the government say lockdown - they're gone, it's disposable, isn't it?"

The comments sparked uproar across social media, with one questioning whether the show was real. They added: "Can't be, can it? Tell me it's a load of b******s."

One Twitter user jumped to Sarah's defence, saying: "I really like Sarah. Straight talking, realest and supportive, I think. she’s exactly what some people need, especially young lads!"

A Very British Job Agency is available to stream on All 4.

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