Mysterious footage of ghostly figure running down a street leaves police baffled

Mysterious footage of ghostly figure running down a street leaves police baffled

Police in the US state of Ohio has been left stumped by a mysterious video of a shadowy figure running down a street in the middle of the night.

Footage from a doorbell camera captured in the city of Mentor shows a figure lurking on a street at around 10:16 pm before running off the screen.

Local news outlet WKYC reports that police responded to a call after a resident thought that they had seen something outside of their house, which they believed to be a young girl running northbound.

When the officer arrived on the scene he also believed he had seen something but something wasn’t quite right about the description.

The officer's report stated: “I was surprised by what I saw, the person appeared to be a small child, running rather erect and too quickly for a child.”

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The incident occurred near a garden centre named Wyatt’s Greenhouse but when the officer went to see if the ‘girl’ was still there he found no trace whatsoever. Extra departments, including drone and sniffer dog teams, were also sent to the location but also found nothing.

To make the situation even spookier, the dashcam from the car of the original officer on the scene didn’t pick up anything despite the officer claiming to have seen something.

Although the incident has left police baffled, others aren’t convinced that anything spooky is going on. According to The Sun the Mentor Ohio Paranormal Research Society wrote on their Facebook group: “We had a bunch of people ask us what we thought about the new video that has been released of a possible ghost in our city being spotted on a doorbell camera.

“Based from our experience, we believe that this is actually a person running, and the camera is out of focus.

“You also have to consider lighting and shadow effects going on.

“We [are] not saying that it couldn’t be, we are just saying... we need to study the actual footage itself.”

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