TikTok users save man’s life after spotting cancerous mole

A simple test that claims to determine what “age” your hearing is has gone viral across social media.

As humans age, the highest frequency we are able to audibly detect naturally decreases, meaning that our hearing age can be estimated based on the frequency we are able to hear.

On TikTok, fitness coach Justin Agustin posted a simple test that can help determine our hearing age.

In the clip, a high-pitched sound plays and gradually increases in frequency, making it sound higher and higher.

As the frequency increases, the age displayed also decreases giving an indication as to “your ear age”.

Text overlay on the clip explained: “When you can’t hear the sound anymore, that’s your hearing age.”

The clip has been viewed 10.8 million times and has been reposted on other social media platforms where people have been left horrified by their results.

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I found a more accurate hearing test than my previous one. How old is your hearing? Cr: @jarred jermaine for this test #hearingtest #earagetest #hearingloss #health #sound #healthtok

In the TikTok comments, one user wrote: “46 at 15y old.. uhm thats probably not good news.”

Another said: “Not me getting 40 at 23….”

Someone else replied: “I hope this is not serious...I got 67...im 32.”

Over on Twitter, someone else shared the clip where it has been viewed another 1.2 million times.

They wrote: “I swear it just goes dead silent after 29??”

“mine went out at 31-32, i probably need to stop blasting my airpods to the loudest volume every time,” another Twitter user wrote.

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