Anyone who has ever worked in hospitality or retail will understand the level of frustration when a customer arrives within 5 minutes of closing time. Generally, people tend to smile and slyly usher them to hurry up – but one McDonald’s worker said: not today.

In a viral TikTok that has since racked up nearly half a million views in 48 hours, Hails (@hailsmaebackup) asked the drive-thru McDonald’s worker to “add large fries” onto her already existing $61.30 order – ten minutes before they were due to close the doors.

The employee had a hard time internalising his feelings and instead snapped back: “You know we close in like 10 minutes, you f***ing b**ch. C’mon.”

But it wasn’t all that it seemed...

Hails headed to the comments to clarify that the interaction was staged – but failed to give context. Equipped with a clown emoji, she wrote: “People think this is real.”

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The clip received hundreds of comments – many of which empathised with the employee. “I feel for this guy,” one user said, “there are so many times where I’ve wanted to say this.”

“We’re all on his side,” another candidly commented. “There is no reason for all that right before closing time.”

One joked that the TikToker was “done”. “61 DOLLAR ORDER BEFORE THEY CLOSE?! You’re done, you’re done,” they said.

“No, his feelings are completely valid,” another empath shared. “There’s tons of other McDonald’s around you that close at later times, I’m sure.”

“There couldn’t have been a more correct response on his end,” one joked.

While another added: “As a former fast-food employee, ordering food within 20 minutes of close is messed up…especially a big order.”

Indy100 has reached out to @hailsmaebackup for comment.

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