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A woman has gone viral on TikTok for blasting an offensive trend that takes aim at bigger noses.

The problematic filter, which has since been deleted from the platform, created a "hooked" effect on people's noses – and has since drawn backlash.

In one clip, TikTok user Liss (@lislynn13) racked up over a million views for calling out the feature. "Omg I couldn't imagine having a giant ugly huge nose thank god I have this itty bitty ski slope nose!!!" she sarcastically penned as the text overlay.

The video was flooded with hundreds of supportive comments, with one praising Liss for her approach. "It’s because of people like you embracing their nose during these trends that made me more confident about mine," they said.

Another followed the same sentiment, adding: "Seeing my features on someone else is making me realize how truly beautiful they are, you’re gorgeous!"

"As someone with similar features to you, it’s just another form of 'feature checking' for all the little luck me girlies you’re gorgeous," a third added.

Meanwhile, another user added: "I have my Iraqi grandmother's nose and it looks just like this. I wish it wasn’t the first thing beauty filters shrunk down."

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“This is such a confidence booster🤞🏻😝” BFFR #bignosecheck #bignose #

While TikTok can be a great destination for some invaluable life hacks and trends, there appears to be a rise in problematic trends taking aim at bodies that don't fall into Eurocentric beauty standards.

One fatphobic filter, in particular, recently caught the attention of TikTok users – for all the wrong reasons.

The trend-in-question shows people wearing oversized, baggy clothes with a text overlay: "When people think I'm fat because I wear big clothes."

The person then lifts their hoodie in a "gotcha" moment to reveal a "slim" frame.

The strange new flex was slammed by users, with Victoria mirroring the trend and rightfully penning as the caption: "It's just weird at this point".

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