41-year-old virgin sets up website to find himself a girlfriend who is also a virgin

41-year-old virgin sets up website to find himself a girlfriend who is also a virgin

A 41-year-old bachelor from Australia has set up a website to help him on his quest of finding love.

Professional board game designer Daniel Piechnick from Adelaide is hoping to meet a brainy woman with the “same level of experience” as himself.

To aid in his search, the former chairman of his local Mensa group launched advertisements across the internet linking to his website,

In a video posted to his website, the Australian Scrabble champion explained that when he was younger, he spent more time on his career than on his search for love.

He said: “I figured that when the time was right and I didn’t have to spend so much time on business anymore I would find one of the other people who sort of waited for the right person.

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“What I realised is that no one really does that anymore and it’s really difficult to find someone else who hasn’t had a partner, or hooked up before.

“That’s all I’m really looking for — someone to do everything, right from the start with. That’s really why I’m running this site and these ads,” he added.

The website is bursting with information on his interests and insights into his personality. He details how he’s confident and outgoing, and an INTJ Myers-Briggs personality type.

He also has a guestbook where people all over the world have wished him luck on his search for the clever woman of his dreams.

A commenter called Martin wrote: “Kudos to you,! This is certainly an unusual approach but hey, why not! You seem to know what you’re looking for and more importantly, what you DON’T want. That’s a great start, and I wish you all the best in your search! May the ONE out there see your page and have a little courage!”

Another person with the username “A Dude” said: “Best of luck to you, my man, you seem [like] a genuinely good guy. That perfect someone for you is coming!

Not everyone seemed quite as taken with him, however, with one anonymous user writing: “Bro low key down bad asf.”

Another said: “Why use so many words to say you’re looking for a virgin?”

Several people shared which websites they were browsing when they spotted his advertisement, with some saying they found him via hair colour sites, sugar substitute webpages, and Dutch astronomy pages.

Potential matches are invited to reach out to him via Skype, Telegram, or on a contact form on his website.

Although he has a very niche type, we wish this celebate stag all the best.

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