Waffle shop sparks outrage with explicit clips of customers performing lewd acts

Waffle shop posts explicit videos of customers performing lewd acts

A waffle shop run by a beefy model has sparked outrage with dozens of viral clips of female clients performing lewd acts with phallic treats.

Warning: This article contains NSFW material.

The shop, which produces saucy-shaped snacks, attracted the attention of police with the stunt.

Women dropped to their knees as the model positioned the phallic treat in front of their face and squirted condensed milk into their mouths.

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The risque scenes took place in the shop in front of titillated customers waiting for their turn.

One woman bared her breasts as the model sprayed milk on them and a colleague re-enacted a sex act.

A spokesperson for the Severo Sinverguenza waffle shop, said: “B*ob sucking will not be denied to anyone, but remember to always take part with consent and in the right circumstances.”

Several clips also show exasperated boyfriends growing angry with the suggestive show and the hunky model’s saucy antics with their partners.

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However, the waffle shop has seen queues forming around the block after numerous videos went viral on social media.

The waffle shop in Cali, Colombia, has seen its Instagram following swell to 330,000 and the owner, Venezuelan dreamboat Ray Cabrera, 26, boasts over 85,000 followers.

However, it has also attracted the attention of the local authorities and they recently published a statement to say they will curb their saucy waffle routines.

Following the furore surrounding the shop’s saucy services, the police visited the establishment on 6 March.

Following the cop visit, a Severo Sinvergüenza spokesperson added: “We are aware that videos are circulating on social networks about specific events that took place in our establishment.

“As part of the experience we provide, we want to make it clear that we have trained our workers so that everything they do is based on respect and consent.

“Any act that crosses the limit of fun and sensuality is prohibited.”

The spokesperson added: “Pertinent measures will be taken so that this does not happen again.”

One local commented: “They should ban mobile phones, just let the experience happen in the mind and that's it!”

Danniela said: “Bitter people, surely they were just husbands jealous because they don't make those movements hahaha!”

“Forward, continue to be successful... everyone is responsible for their actions and those who don't like it don't have to go,” said someone else.

Another wrote: “Many are complaining! So they should also hire women to provide the same customer service and problem solved.”

Estapela remarked: “I don't think they are doing something wrong, everything is consensual, and the girls who go know what they are going to do, keep doing what you’re doing, they are not forcing anyone to go. Blessings.”

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