Waitress fumes over customers who left a 10 per cent tip after serving them for 6 hours

Waitress fumes over customers who left a 10 per cent tip after serving them for 6 hours
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A waitress was left fuming after a couple spent six hours at the restaurant and left a small 10 per cent tip.

Kristina Withers turned to TikTok to recount the situation with a clip that has since gone viral. She explained to viewers how the pair had arrived before she had even got to work at 5:30pm.

"My co-worker that gets there at 3 o'clock had already served them and cashed them out by the time I got there at 5:30 tonight. They were fine, they were chilling. They were good to go. Cashed out, no worries," she said.

At around 7pm (after over an hour of not ordering any food or drink) Kristina said they approached her to order some drinks and dinner.

She continued: "By this time, my co-worker is like already done for the night, so I'm like OK I'll just take your orders since I'm closing I'm gonna be here. We'll get you some food, we'll get you in and out it's gonna be good to go nice and easy, right?"

"They each get a drink, a glass of wine, and a margarita. They get their food. Two taco plates, easy peasy. They're eating the tacos done with the tacos, take their plates."

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She added: "Guess who the last motherf**king table in the goddamn restaurant was? These two lovely motherf**kers, that's who."

"The very best part though was that they didn't even tip 20 per cent. They were my only table. I was probably giving them overly good service because they were my only table. I had nothing else to f**king do. I know I have good service to them."

"At the same time I've never been more happy to recieve a 10 per cent tip because I knew they were on their way out."

Her clip certainly struck up a debate around tipping etiquette – and while the couple spent a lot of time in the restaurant, Kristina didn't appreciate that their inconsideration around how much of the servers' time they took up.

"The best part though, the very best part they didn't even tip twenty percent," she said.

"Who sits in a restaurant for six hours," one person wondered, while another added: "If I’m in a section for 6 hours I’d literally tip 200% LMAOOO."

Meanwhile, one said: "I mean it's tip, they actually could no tip and leave"

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