Waitress sparks debate for charging customers ordering 'DIY lemonade'

Waitress sparks debate for charging customers ordering 'DIY lemonade'
Restaurant waitress says customers are 'judged' on where they sit
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A waitress has split opinion after revealing she charged customers for lemonade when they asked for water, lemons and sugar.

Working in the service industry can be a tough job and many waitresses have shared their horror stories online.

However, one waitress sparked debate after she shared a story on her TikTok revealing she had charged guests for something they hadn’t actually ordered.

In the clip, the TikToker overlaid text on a video, writing: “When my table asked for waters, lemons, and sugar & I charged them for a lemonade (they got mad and got it taken off their bill).”

The video has been viewed over 611,000 times and has led to a lot of commentary from other users. Some thought the server was being a bit harsh, while others understood her actions.

One person asked the TikToker: “Babe..yeah why would you do that ??? They didn’t order lemonade.”

Someone else said: “I hear you but like… lemon is normally offered and sugar is also normally free I don’t understand.”

Another wrote: “Mwah no tip.”

However, there was some agreement with the TikToker.

One person argued: “This is something I’d do, customers think they're so crafty.”

Someone else commented: “‘Why would you do that’ because if they have enough lemons and sugar to make a lemonade then they wanted a lemonade without paying for it.”

In a bizarre follow-up clip, the TikToker claimed that it actually never happened and she made it up because she’s a “chronic liar”.

Regardless of whether it was true or not, it certainly stirred up some conversation on the topic of restaurant etiquette.

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