Walmart refused to make a Confederate flag cake, but did make this instead

Proud Louisianan Chuck Netzhammer had two nasty shocks this weekend. He was upset when his local Walmart refused to make him a Confederate flag cake.

But he was outraged when he asked another nearby branch to make what he called an "Isis battle cake" (what flavour is that?) and they did, for the low, low price of $20.93 (£13.28).

In a video posted on Youtube, Netzhammer sits astride a motorbike with his Confederate flag and asks the logical question, “Does Walmart support Isis?”

In a post under the video, Netzhammer wrote:

I am highly offended, distraught, and in tears over the fact you pull American history off your shelves, but allow the offensive battle flag of terrorists... to be made in your store.

A spokesman for Walmart told ABC News that the person who made the cake wasn't aware of what it represented. "The cake should not have been made and we apologise," he said.

Walmart and several other companies have made the decision to stop selling Confederate flag merchandise after the murders of nine black churchgoers in South Carolina earlier this month by a suspect with white supremacist leanings.

Netzhammer might have had more luck getting a Confederate dildo instead.

Watch the video below:

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