Boy pushes himself down waterslide after finding it not slippery enough

A man has gone viral after he pulled off a death-defying leap onto a waterslide and then took an even bigger jump into the pool at the end in a waterpark in France.

The moment was filmed at the Frenzy Waterpark in Torreilles and sees the rather large man start not at the usual spot for a water slide but right on top of the roof above the ride.

As hundreds of people watched on below he took a less than graceful leap off the roof and landed with thud onto the slide but his journey wasn't over. He then zipped down the slide at an incredible speed and shot up into the air reaching what could have easily been 30ft above the pool below.

Stunned onlookers filming the stunt could only look on in shock and awe as he came crashing down with a huge splash which we're gonna bet hurt...just a little.

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A video of the jump has gone viral in the past few days racking up more than 28 million views at the time of writing.

This wasn't just any old punter who decided to take a leap of faith. The man in question is known as his alias La Mascotte, who was taking part in a best trick competition at the park that was sponsored by Red Bull.

If you are wondering if the man is ok then we can confirm that he is as judging by his Instagram, where he has more than 46,000 followers, he does this sort of stuff all the time.

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