Almost half of Americans wear their underwear for two days or longer, survey claims

Darren Richman
Saturday 17 August 2019 14:15

A survey in America has discovered that 45% of the 1000 people surveyed wear the same underwear for “two days or longer.”

The underwear company Tommy John released the results of the survey on their website this month and there were some genuine surprises. 13% of those surveyed said they wore the same underwear for a week or more and men, somewhat inevitably, were 2.5 times more likely than women to wear the same underwear for a week or more.

The company, clearly perturbed, had this to say:

It’s crucial to update your underwear wardrobe every six months to a year to ensure you’re protected from harmful infections and health risks. Women should be especially careful, as they’re more at risk than men to experience health issues due to unclean underwear.

In other words, people should change their pants on a daily basis. It’s not that complex.

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