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Every couple wants their big day to go to plan – especially after months (if not years) of meticulous planning. Unfortunately, though, some things are simply out of their control.

A bride was left in hysterics when she received her wedding photographs when a subtle correction resulted in the bride having teeth on her chin. The photographer was left "cringing" when newlywed Julia Oliver got in contact over the demonic-looking snap.

Since the wedding in 2018, the hilarious images have resurfaced online. Photographer Tanya Volt shared the story and picture to TikTok, which garnered a string of hysterical responses. "When I was editing photos after a wedding, extremely tired and accidentally cloned three mouths onto the bride then sent it to her," she penned over the initial clip.

Tanya later followed up with an anticipated "photo reveal," which you can see here:

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Reply to @torppsbride luckily the bride found it really funny, i am still dead inside #photographyfail #photoshopfail #fml #fyp #photography #photographer #photofail #photomagic #lightroom #photoshop #funny

Tanya explained that she was using Adobe Lightroom to edit the photos after an exhausting day at work.

"I was editing multiple photos at once and I synced edits across to send the bride and groom a preview," she said, intending to "sync the colour corrections to bring out the yellows of the sunset."

She continued: "What I would normally do is I would uncheck the box that says 'spot removal' so edits wouldn't be synced up over all the other photos.

"I was really tired. Wedding photographers work a really long day and I was just wanting to give them some sneak peeks at the end of the night.

"But maybe I should have slept, gotten up, had a coffee and sent them over in the morning as I would have been more awake.

"I didn't properly check the photo and sent it over. I got a response from the bride saying, 'Love the photos! By the way, I think you might have made an editing slip-up - I've got a few extra mouths.'

"There were laughing emojis too, so she found it funny.

"When I saw the extra mouth, the only thing it reminded me of was perhaps a demon or maybe a Xenomorph from Alien, with its extra mouth."

While Tanya said she was left "cringing", she has learned from the mishap and has since been "double-checking" all photos.

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