Single woman reveals she already has six wedding dresses to prepare for wedding day

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Finding the perfect wedding dress is a priority for any bride who dreams about their ideal wedding day, and given the variety of different shapes, colours and styles it's never an easy decision.

Well, one woman has certainly planned ahead for her big day by purchasing six different wedding dresses, though there's one slight problem... she's not in a relationship.

In a Reddit post to the "Wedding Shaming" subreddit, one person shared a screenshot of a Facebook wedding dress shopping review from May 2021 they stumbled upon where the woman shared how she's bought six gowns but believes she has found "the one" (in terms of the dress that is).

The woman divulged she is still on the "manhunt or a woman hunt" for her potential spouse.

"Wow! I ordered 6 wedding dresses and this was the one," the post read. "Except nobody has asked me to marry them yet! But now I am ready for when it happens!"

"It's stretchy and the perfect length. I'm 5 feet 6 and a 1/2. I love this dress. I have a 34D chest and I wear a size 6 pants.

"Now I need a manhunt or a woman hunt - I'm open to anything!" she added.

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The woman's detailed review went down well on Facebook, with 145 people finding her feedback to be "helpful."

The review that was spotted on Facebook where a woman said she has purchased six wedding dresses has divided people on RedditReddit/mdnnnsph

Of course, there were plenty of comments on the post from people who felt that purchasing six dresses was an excessive and hasty move, especially given the woman had not found her future husband or wife yet.

(So given this response, it was no surprise that the review was branded as "cringe").

One person said: "It's sad that there are women that want to find a spouse to have a ceremony and not the opposite. I say women because it's more common in women, for sad cultural reasons I suppose

"This is the perfect example of people who just want a wedding, not a marriage," another person wrote.

Someone else added: "I'm almost certain that anyone who does this won't use the dress. Even when/if they do find someone they are ready to marry (who is ready to marry them), fashion will have changed."

"Maybe she can order 6 [people] and then pick one to marry," a fourth person joked.

Though some people thought that there wasn't a problem with buying a wedding dress before being popped the big question from your significant other - especially if someone is looking for a non-traditional dress for their future big day.

One person noted: "Purposefully ordering multiple wedding dresses before you'd need one is weird, but in the case of someone happening to find the perfect one while (regular) dress shopping/thrifting I don't see a problem with buying it right then and having it just in case."

"Yeah, like-- I get that this person probably has really unrealistic expectations and that's the real issue at play," another person conceded before explaining why they aren't against the idea of purchasing a wedding dress in advance.

"But assuming you know you want a nontraditional wedding-- I don't hate the idea of just buying a dress when it presents itself with the attitude that it might work out, it might not. Especially if you can afford to get yourself something nice."

At least if anyone does pop the question to this woman then she's more than prepared for the big day in the wardrobe department.

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