A tier list ranked Weetabix as an ‘average’ biscuit and people are confused

A tier list ranked Weetabix as an ‘average’ biscuit and people are confused

There are many biscuits which make a perfect teatime snack, be it shortbread, custard creams or a good old Hobnob. But a tier list from Macmillan Cancer Support has people scratching their heads, after the charity chose to list Weetabix as a biscuit in the ‘Average Joe’ category.

In a post on Twitter on Wednesday, the organisation – who are due to hold their annual coffee morning fundraiser later this month – said that “we’ve rated the nation’s most loved biscuits, so you don’t have to”.

Then came the tier list, with some of the nation’s favourite biscuits split into four big categories: OG, first-class, Average Joe and bottom of the barrel.

Working your way down the list, chocolate fingers, shortbread, bourbons and cookies all make the top of the list.

Meanwhile fig rolls, chocolate digestives, party rings and madeleines are all first-class, apparently.

Garibaldis, Jaffa Cakes and rich teas are all dubbed ‘average joes’, as well as the controversial Weetabix.

However, it’s ginger nuts, Jammie Dodgers, custard creams and pink wafers which hit rock bottom in the ‘bottom of the barrel’ tier.

For the record, Weetabix’s official website lists the food as a cereal, but that hasn’t stopped people from asking who on earth eats them as a biscuit:

Other people were just unhappy with the list as a whole:

And then, of course, the biscuit - or not-quite-biscuit - brands themselves got involved:

Weetabix themselves, however, are yet to respond to their placement on the list.

Hopefully it doesn’t end in tiers.

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