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Society's fixation on weight as a measure for a healthy, attractive body has been roundly challenged in the past - but a picture's worth a thousand words.

Adrienne Osuna, fitness blogger and weight trainer, posted photos of herself on her Instagram before and after she began her new regime.

The photos clearly show a dramatic change in the Californian's body size, shape and tone, but with only a small weight difference.

After battling with yo-yo dieting for years, the 31-year-old mother-of-four discovered that a mixture of cardio, power lifting and intermittent fasting would help her lose weight and gain muscle.

The minimal pound difference is due to the fact that muscle is far denser than fat, and so it weighs more.

The dramatic gain in muscle offsets the loss of fat, keeping her weight almost the same.

Despite only losing a pound, Osuna reports that she has slimmed down at least three dress sizes, falls ill less frequently and feels healthier and more energetic.

The picture has gone viral over social media, with thousands of messages of solidarity and support.

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