Wellness TikToker pushes transphobic 'all celebs were born other gender' conspiracy

Wellness TikToker pushes transphobic 'all celebs were born other gender' conspiracy
Macy Gray and Bette Midler face backlash over transphobic comments

Wellness and spirituality TikToker Deryazêra (@dayadera) made the claim that all celebrities are "born the opposite gender" prompting criticism.

On the platform, she tends to encourage "creating the life of your dreams" and breaking away from the "matrix."

She also promotes many baseless conspiracy theories, such as Kanye West and Andrew Tate being part of the "false matrix (satanist) rituals" to earn money, and far-fetched "blood sacrifices" n Hollywood.

The latter aligns with QAnon's conspiracy that the elite eats babies.

However, Deryazêra's TikTok video that stirred up the most recent controversy was uploaded on New Year's Day.

Lip-syncing to audio of West "telling the truth in a world full of lies," the onscreen text makes a bizarre claim about Hollywood and the LGBT+ community.

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"When you expose the gender trap and tell them every celebrity is born the opposite gender and transitioned as sacrifice to gain fame, money & power," the text read."

The onscreen text also said the "LGBT community" was made to carry out "blood physical surgical sacrifices."

The far-right and QAnon followers alike have been a driving force in pushing abhorrent ideology about the LGBTQ community, believing the community "grooms" children and secretly put their beliefs on them.

Deryazêra's video also indicates the growing bridge between wellness and spiritual communities with far-right thoughts, as many of her videos are tagged with things like "matrix," a keyword that floats among the far-right and QAnon.

People took to the comment section of her video to slam the sentiment, with many people completely taken aback.

One person wrote: "I'm trying to be a better person in 2023, and posts like this make it literally so hard."

"Spirtual to alt-right pipeline with added psycosis is very real," another added.

A third wrote: "Hey girly!!! I think a doctor is ready to hear about this!! Try a psychiatrist!! I've heard great things."

In another video, Deryazêra said the transgender experience is more of a spiritual thing than physical.

She also said transgender people want to fit in with a community.

Elsewhere, Deryazêra's website offers spirituality journey tips, paid retreats and sessions with people to be reunited "with soul family."

Indy100 reached out to Deryazêra for comment.

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