Wetherspoons clears up 'red plate' theories

Wetherspoons clears up 'red plate' theories
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Social media users have banded together to crack the code of one of the UK's greatest mysteries... What does the Wetherspoons red plate mean?

Now, when you pop into a local 'Spoons, you know what to expect: Cheap drinks and food – served on their signature blue plates.

That was until one Reddit user shared a post to the Mildly Interesting forum, showing his food served on a red plate.

"If you get the red plate in ‘spoons, take it to the bar after and you get a free drink," one suggested, while another passionate spectator wrote: "YOU GOT THE RED PLATE!"

A third blissfully unaware Redditor added: "Why is that remarkable? Does it have a special meaning?"

As it turns out, they're all wrong – and the answer is far from "mildly interesting" as the group's name suggests.

A spokesperson for the chain shared the real reason behind the red plate to theDaily Star.

"Wetherspoon did trial a red plate in a small number of pubs for use for children’s meals, to ensure all children’s meals were served on a cold plate," they said.

"The company has moved on since then and just launched a melamine plate for the whole children’s menu which is in line with the design of the children’s menu.

"But there will be stock of the old red plate in circulation, until they break.

"No plan to change from the standard blue patterned plate any time soon."

We can all finally sleep at night now...

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