Iraqi Elderly Woman Offers Free Laundry Services to Protestors

A man's newfound dry cleaning discovery has left him gobsmacked, prompting him to turn to TikTok to share the information.

In his viral clip that's been viewed over half a million times, Patrick Lewin (@patrickscameraroll) said the new revelation had him feeling as though he had uncovered a "big secret."

He said: "I'm sorry, but when the f*** was anyone going to tell me that dry cleaning meant that the clothes were cleaned dry? Like what the f***?!"

"Like generally, I thought it was just a professional cleaning service, and they just use that name!"

The penny didn't drop for Patrick, who explained: "I didn't know that actually meant that they didn't use water when they cleaned.

"Does anyone else know this?!" He quipped.

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A shocked Patrick added: "And why has it taken me 23 years to discover this fact? Do you know what I mean? I feel like I've just been let in on a big secret!"

"Surely no one else knows this! What?!"

The TikToker wasn't alone in his discovery, as hundreds of fellow users flocked to the comments with one saying: "I'm 32 and didn't know this, I thought they meant they dried them hahahah".

Another suggested it was a rite of passage: "Everyone remembers the moment when this clicked for them…it’s big life moment".

"I think it’s like dry shampoo for clothes," a third added.

Meanwhile, one user offered their expertise, saying they used to work in a dry cleaners. "They're cleaned in solvent instead of water, it basically is a huge washing machine but just uses solvent," she said.

And she's right...

The dry cleaning method uses a chemical solvent containing little or no water which cleans the surface of materials to prevent stretching and shrinking.

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