What does 14643 mean on TikTok?

What does 14643 mean on TikTok?
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Perhaps you've recently seen on your TikTok For You page that people have been using the different numbers 14643 to communicate a message - but what exactly does this mean?

The video platform uses a range of slang terms, whether it's internet phrases that already exist or ones that have specifically been created on the app.

14643 has been popping up on the likes of Twitter and TikTok as the number sequence actually has an endearing meaning.

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It's basically code for "I will always love you," though at face value it's confusing to see how this conclusion is drawn.

But it all becomes clear when you find out that each number corresponds to how many letters there are in each word.


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For example, "I" is one letter, "will" has four letters, "always" is six letters, then "love" with four and "you" with three, creating the 14643 number message.

Some TikToks use the number as part of a sentence such as "I know you don't care but 14643," and "No matter what happens, 14643."

Altogether, there are over 563,000 videos using the number hashtag.

It's not the only phrase that is shortened with the number style slang as another term "I love your forever," has appeared in videos as 1437.

So if you get a message or see a TikTok with a bunch of random numbers, then you'll know there's a hidden meaning.

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