What your favourite biscuit says about you

Today is National Biscuit Day. We'll just let that sink in.

To celebrate, some important research was conducted into what Britons' - yes, everyday normal hardworking Britons like you - favourite biscuits reveal about their personalities.

Digestive lovers are most like to...

  • Describe themselves as ‘fun-loving’
  • Watch Hollyoaks
  • Wish they were a little bit wiser
  • Cite Frozen’s Elsa as their favourite Disney Character
  • Invite Cara Delevingne out for a drink

Milk Chocolate Digestive lovers are most likely to...

  • Go on beach holidays to Spain
  • Watch Coronation Street
  • Class themselves as a ‘kind’ person
  • Live in London
  • Want to take David Beckham out for a drink

Rich Tea lovers are most likely to...

  • Head to Paris for culture and romance for their holidays
  • Describe themselves as shy
  • Enjoy watching The Only Way Is Essex
  • Wish they were funnier
  • Live in East Anglia

Jaffa Cake lovers are most likely to...

  • Want to go for a drink with Joey Essex
  • Describe themselves as ‘cheeky’
  • Watch Geordie Shore
  • Wish they were more responsible
  • Claim their favourite dessert is banoffee pie

Hobnob lovers are most likely to...

  • Be 36 years old
  • Choose to holiday amongst the bright lights of Las Vegas
  • Describe themselves as ‘funny’
  • Invite James Corden for a drink
  • Watch EastEnders

Ginger Nut lovers are most likely to...

  • Be female
  • Wish they were more sophisticated
  • Most want to hang out with Russell Brand and Adele
  • Describe themselves as ‘feisty’
  • Take a trip to Tokyo for their holiday

Fruit Shortcake lovers are most likely to...

  • Describe themselves as ‘charming’
  • Choose a ‘staycation’ in the UK over holidays abroad
  • Watch Neighbours
  • Wish they were more patient
  • Live in the north-west of England

Now we know, and knowing is half the battle.

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