Blake Messick/ Tik Tok

Where's Wally (or Where's Waldo if you are in the United States) is a childhood favourite of people all around the globe.

You could spend hours looking for Wally and his friends on one of the intricately drawn maps illustrated by its creator Martin Handford in some of the many books about the characters' adventures.

It could often be frustrating as you searched everywhere for his iconic red and white striped jumper and hat but it was so satisfying when you finally found him.

Sadly one child will never get to know that pleasure because they happened to have bought a book that has been the victim of a cruel prank by TikTok joker Blake Messick.

In a viral video, he explains how he brought a copy of Where's Waldo (we're in the US for this one), scans each page into Photoshop, digitally removes Waldo from each puzzle, prints the pages out and then seamlessly glues them into the book, returns the book and places it back on the shelf in the store.

As Blake put it, it might be 'a perfect crime' but at what cost?

HT The Poke

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