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The internet will meme for pretty much anything: the royal wedding, Eurovision and even that time a hair joke confused men.

So, when a seemingly growing sinkhole opened up on the White House lawn - yep, the White House lawn; we can sense the metaphors already - you can only brace ourselves for the inevitable.

The collapse, which occurred on the north lawn and near the press briefing room, was first noticed by Voice of America reporter Steve Herman, who dutifully informed the world of its undoubtedly hilarious presence via Twitter.

Washington DC has plenty of geological issues - and some areas within the city are also susceptible to “forebulge collapse”, a post-Ice Age condition meaning it could sink as much as six inches this century.

Sinkholes have opened up across the city in recent years, forcing two residents to abandon their homes in March and swallowing up a school bus last year.

But none of this has garnered quite as much attention online as the sinkhole at the White House, which seems to be once again struggling to contain leaks.

There are so many metaphors, it could be an English literature lesson.

Some people were even egging the sinkhole on.

Others were asking the important questions: like, will it drain the swamp?

FYI: Parts of Washington DC actually rest on a bit of a swamp. Perhaps we've been misunderstanding Trump this entire time.

Plus, is nature out to get Trump?

And will Melania finally escape?

Now it's official: There's a cover-up going on.

By mid-afternoon yesterday, just hours after initial reports, the sinkhole had its own Twitter account.


And it's just excited to be here.

The origins of the mysterious sinkhole are fiercely debated;: could it be the result of an old water line that has rusted through and caused water to leak, eventually leaving the ground above to become unstable and collapse? Or is heavy rainfall combined with Washington DC's "poorly consolidated sediments" to blame? Or is geology actually sending us a message?

In a statement posted on Twitter, a spokeswoman for the National Park Service, national capital region, said the sinkhole/metaphor was being monitored:

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