Who is Adin Ross and is he interviewing Kim Jong Un?

Who is Adin Ross and is he interviewing Kim Jong Un?
Streamer Adin Ross calls on Twitch to ban 'hot tub streams'

Adin Ross, one of the most-watched streamers on the internet, is claiming that he will be interviewing North Korean leader Kim Jong Un on his channel on Wednesday evening.

The controversial streamer who has previously collaborated with Andrew Tate and has also been banned from Twitch for a string of offenses.

Ross is hitting the headlines again for claiming that he is due to interview Kim Jong Un on his streaming feed despite being apparently warned not to go ahead with the talk with the North Korean dictator.

During a stream earlier this week, Ross stated: "I'm getting it in today's stream. I have to address this s*** now," he said. "Listen... okay, Kim Jong Un is locked in (for) tomorrow's stream, at 7:30 Miami time. Okay?"

Ross also shared a series of questions that he has planned for Kim which include:

  • Thoughts on LGBT?
  • Can you give Stake money back?
  • React to Andrew Tate.
  • Visit North Korea?
  • Add Yeonmi Park to call.
  • Trump vs. Biden.
  • USA better than North Korea.
  • E-date?
  • Fake n*tsack prank.

He also claimed that the US government had been in contact with his legal team to warn of the potentially serious consequences of interviewing Kim. He added: "They saw and hit up, basically, my team and they just let me know there could be consequences for this. You know?"

There is little to no indication as to whether this is real or not but Ross has gone as far as to put together poster to hype 'The Interview.'

All eyes will be on his stream at 7pm EST to see whether he was telling the truth or if we all fell for an elaborate prank.

Who is Adin Ross?

Ross started his online gaming career in 2014 when he joined YouTube as a Grand Theft Auto and NBA 2K content creator. He then ventured onto Twitch when as his following grew.

His streams have since featured rappers including Lil Uzi Vert and Tory Lanez, who was convicted of assault in December 2022.

One of his most prominent Twitch bans was a result of a gambling stream, which the platform prohibits. He claimed his most recent ban is for "no reason".

Ross has since moved over to Kick, Twitch's rival streaming platform.

The new platform has a looser set of rules, which saw Ross reportedly stream the Super Bowl, sharing video calls of white friends saying the N-word and scrolling through Pornhub in front of his reported younger demographic.

"Listen, I got permanently banned on Twitch. It’s done, it’s already done," Ross said in a video posted on 26 February.

"But I got permanently banned for no reason at all. How do you ban someone on Twitch and my reasoning is for VODs/on-stream, when I haven’t even been streaming there? This is exactly why everyone needs to see Twitch for what it is. It’s full of corrupted, pure corrupted Karens and they’re pick-and-choose-me. And unless you’re a certain person with certain beliefs [Twitch doesn’t] f*** with you."

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