From the coffee shop guy who makes you smile on a Monday morning, to the random acts of kindness that take the all-too-predictable sting out of life - is there an unsung hero in your world?

Tweet us the people who deserve some recognition to @thei100 with the hashtag #everydayhero and tell us why. Who knows, you may not even know their names, but it doesn’t stop us hailing life’s everyday heroes.

Need a little inspiration? Well, there’s...

Carl Downer

Victoria Station, 8am. It’s packed, and above ground somewhere it’s probably raining. Not the jolliest place to be. Apart from when Carl Downer is on his shift. Born in Jamaica, Carl shares his Rastafarian wisdom with the huddled hordes, telling them over the PA system to "take it easy, keep it real and don’t let nobody cramp your style". Instead of the usual warning that doors are about to close, Carl prefers: "Rastaman driver, take these beautiful people to their destination." Why? "I like to see people happy, man," he told Vice magazine. "Seriously." (Strangely, when they’re happy, people seem to manage to stand well back and mind the closing doors all by themselves.)

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