Why you almost certainly shouldn't Google the name of the Euro 2016 mascot 'Super Victor'

Euro 2016 starts tomorrow.

The month long tournament is being hosted by France this year, who have rolled out delightful mascot Super Victor to cash in give fans the opportunity to remember the event with toys, hats, poster, mugs and all the other usual pointless crap featuring the lovable scamp.

Super Victor's powers come from his cape, boots and ball, and his name was voted on by the French public, beating runner up suggestions 'Driblou' and 'Goalix'.

We're not sure if any one who voted for Super Victor did a quick Google search first, though. If they had, they might have opted for one of the other choices.

The other 'Super Victor' is available in red or black and is yours for just £95.

Ooh lala! 😳

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