A woman who was mystified as to why her dog wasn’t understanding her commands has finally managed to figure out why - and the reason had her in stitches.

TikToker Kalee McGee (@kaleemcgee) had recently adopted her four-year-old Chihuahua called Max from a shelter meaning there was no record as to where he was before nor any background information either.

“We adopted a dog two, three weeks ago, a great little chihuahua four years old from the shelter, no information on him, absolutely adorable, super great,” McGee explained.


If you judge my laugh that's rude. if you judge my Spanish that's fair. #BetterTogetherChallenge #VansCheckerboardDay #fyp #fypシ #fy #dog #spanish

Despite this, Max seems to grasp some elements of training, but there’s just one problem - he didn’t listen to his owner.

“He sits when you have a treat in your hand not when you say sit, he knows what a crate is and he walks really well on a leash so it seems he has some training, but he won’t listen to us.”

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The TikToker explains how they’ve tried to get him to do commands but to no avail.

“So, we’re trying to get him to sit, trying to get him to do this stuff for weeks and we can’t figure out why he won’t listen to us…”

But sure enough, McGee soon came to the conclusion as to what the problem is.

“We figured it out,” she said. “He only speaks Spanish...,” she said.

“Our little chihuahua doesn’t know English and has been looking at us like ‘what are you talking about?’

“I died when I found out so I’ve got to show you,” before flipping her camera around to show Max as she told him to come over to her in English - but his paws remained planted in place.

But when she says the Spanish equivalent, Max follows the instructions and walks forward - and the same goes for when she asked him to sit.

Since sharing her revelation, McGee’s video has received 4.4m views, with 1.1m likes and thousands of comments from people

One person wrote: “How did u find out he speaks Spanish LOL.”

“The fact that you learned good boy in Spanish,” another person said.

Someone else joked: “You should get him a copy of Rosetta Bone.”

“The thought of a person learning a new language for their new pup has me tearing up rn [right now],” a fourth person replied.

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