Woman fakes positive Covid test to get out of ‘worst date ever’

Woman fakes positive Covid test to get out of ‘worst date ever’

A woman had shared how got out of a bad date by pretending to receive a text telling her she had Covid from a positive PCR test - when in actual fact it was a text from her friend to help ditch her date.

TikToker, Kali (@tin.tin__1) described how she was on “the worst f***ing date I’ve ever been on in my life” and need rescuing, as she explained in her story and recalled thinking, “I need to leave, I couldn’t spend anymore time here.”

After she escaped to the toilet, Kali came up with her exit plan and got her friend to text her a fake covid positive test result and changed her contact name to “NHS PCR TEST” to make it believable, as she show viewers the fake text which read:

“Your coronavirus lateral flow test result was positive. It’s likely you are infectious. Find out at and read ‘Self-isolation and treating symptoms.’”


Reply to @marthamckayy Literally it was so bad I faked a positive covid test so I could go home hahaha

Despite the inconsistency of the contact saying “PCR” and the actual text saying it was a “lateral flow” test, the TikToker managed to pull off the excuse.

Upon returning to her date, Kali broke the news of her “positive” test result as she remembered saying to him: “Look, you’re not going to believe it I’ve tested positive,” and to which her date asked in response: “What are you gonna do?”

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It was then, that the TikToker used this opportunity to leave and said: “Well I’m gonna have to go home,” but rather than doing that she went clubbing with her pal and revealed she “slept with somebody anyway.”

Since sharing her creative way to end a date prematurely, Kali has received over 286,000 views on the video, along with 30,000 likes and dozens of comments from people who have mixed opinions on this.

Someone pointed out how what Kali’s date might be doing now and wrote; “*him now isolating for 7 days.*”

Meanwhile, others pointed out the amusing inconsistency in the text, as one person wrote: “Should of been PCR not lateral flow ffs that’s the home test.”

“The name : ‘nhs pcr test’ .. the message: ‘Lateral flow,’ another person said.

Many also praised Kali’s creative move of getting out of the date.

One person said: “girls gotta do what a girls gotta do!”

“HAHAHA YOU are AN ICON,” another person wrote.

Someone else added: “Thus girl is living her best life and I’m here for it.”

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