Woman furious after he sister says her baby's name 'sounds like a dying cow'

Woman furious after he sister says her baby's name 'sounds like a dying cow'
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Everyone says that celebrities are naming their children wacky, and sometimes downright weird names. North, Raddix, Diezel, Cricket, Bear – you name it, there’s a celebrity’s kid walking around with that name.

But maybe it’s a bit different when your non-famous 22-year-old sister is thinking about naming her baby Lagertha.

Taking to Reddit, one user asked the internet if she is the a**hole for telling her sister “lol wtf lagertha sounds like a dying cow” after thinking that it was a joke.

“I honestly thought she was still keeping us going as she’s done things like this in the past and proceeded to tell her the name would get the child bullies and would potentially start ridicule”.

She quickly realised her mistake.

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“She then told me I was being rude and that she was crying”, the user wrote. “I know I shouldn’t have been rude about it but I cannot see a kid named Lagertha not being bullied. Or ever have her name pronounced correctly”.

She also made the point that it’s perhaps a bit odd to call your British child an old Scandinavian name, especially when you aren’t even in Scandinavia.

“Brits can be cruel (I guess I proved that right)”.

The inspiration behind the name presumably comes from the hit HISTORY tv series Vikings, where Lagertha is a powerful Viking shieldmaiden played by Katheryn Winnick. So, in all fairness, there are definitely worse things to base your child’s name on out there.

Katheryn Winnick as Lagertha |

Thankfully, the sisters made up, “I’ve told her how I feel (in a gentle and kind way) and she apologised for taking it so harshly”.

Whether the woman goes for Lagertha, or one of her other options like Freja, Ada, Molly, or Faye, it can’t be anywhere near as bad as Elon Musk’s and Grimes’ children. Those are so bad that even Musk has forgotten his son’s name.

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