Woman gets huge back tattoo of boyfriend’s name just a week before breaking up

Tattoos are a pretty big commitment so getting one in tribute to a significant other is a pretty risky business.

One TikToker knows this all too well after revealing they got an inking of their boyfriend’s name just one week before they broke up.

Ashlyn Grace (@..ashlyn.grace) — who uses they/them pronouns - quickly went viral when confessing this as part of a TikTok trend where creators address rumours to a remix track of “Rumour Has It” by Adele and “Rumours” by Lizzo.

In the video, the caption read: “I heard you got a tattoo of your ex’s name and y’all broke up a week later.” They confirm this by mouthing the Lizzo lyrics: “All the rumours are true.”


oops #MakeADogsDay #fyp #myfinALLYmoment #foryou #foryoupage

Since sharing their tattoo tale, the TikToker’s video has been viewed 6m times, with over 890,000 likes and thousands of comments from viewers joking about their predicament while also being intrigued to know more.

One person wrote: “That’s gonna be an awkward convo for the next guy.”

“When y’all gonna learn that this is BAD LUCK,” another person said.

Someone else added: “That’s why I’m never getting a tattoo for anyone.”

“Just put ‘is a red flag’ after the name,” a fourth person joked.

Ashlyn decided to give the people what they wanted and posted a follow-up video to reveal what the tattoo looked like.

“Don’t be alarmed, it’s a little big,” they warned beforehand.

Viewers were shocked when the TikToker turned around and lifted up their shirt to reveal a huge tattoo of the name “ALEXANDER” extending all the way down their spine.


Reply to @jennaquinoness his mom texts me sometimes to make sure i haven’t covered it yet #KFCSecretMenuHacks #SaveIt4TheEndZone #foryou #fyp #foryoupage

(We’re talking right from the top of their neck all the way down the top of their tailbone).

In the post caption, they added: “His mom texts me sometimes to make sure I haven’t covered it yet.”

The big reveal has since received over 9m views, and 1.1m likes along with tens of thousands of comments from people reacting to the large tat.

One person wrote: “Not the Times New Roman size 48 font! Why?!”

“No ur good bestie, I barely noticed it,” another person joked.

Someone else joked: “At least you put your ex behind you...”

“The tattoo artist who did this needs to be put in federal prison,” a fourth person replied.

While others in the comments section were on hand to suggest what the tattoo looks like and also ways to improve the piece.

One person wrote: “Put ‘the great’ on your cheeks... say u love history.”

“Just make your whole back a word search,” another person suggested.

Someone else added: “You telling me this ain’t an eye test chart?”

“Put ‘Hamilton’ in small text under it,” a fourth person replied.

Despite shocking viewers with their inking, Ashlyn doesn’t regret getting the large tribute to their now-ex.

“Almost a year later and I still don’t regret it. It’s been 11 months [and] I still have no ideas or any desire to find a cover-up artist,” they said.

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