Woman calls out 'cheating couple' on Twitter after overhearing train conversation

Woman calls out 'cheating couple' on Twitter after overhearing train conversation
I figured out my boyfriend was cheating from his breakfast order

A woman on Twitter is tapping into her Good Samaritan ways by apparently exposing a cheating couple she overheard on a train.

On Wednesday (21 September), Paisley, who goes by @danstille on the platform, shared details of a journey on a London train.

“Hello, if ur name is Rosie from Uxbridge and ur boyfriend is called Ben, he’s cheating on u with ur sister Ellie,” the post’s caption began.

“They’re currently sat opposite me and my best mate on a near empty tube on the met line to Hillingdon whispering about how ‘you’re never going to deep it x.”

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In subsequent tweets, Paisley shared that she hopes Rosie sees the message and “boots” Ben in the head, and even provided some physical descriptions of Ben, who had “dark hair,” was “pretty tall,” and wore a “red Kenzo shirt.

Ellie, on the other hand, was described as having “short wavy blonde hair,” “round silver glasses,” and sporting “a white tank top, baggy blue jeans, white and black Jordans,” to name a few.

People took to the comments section to band together to get Rosie “justice.”

One person wrote: “My office is near Uxbridge. I’m going to be spreading the word. Near and far. Justice for Rosie.”

“Should have taken a picture and made that go viral too idk... My heart goes out to Rosie,” another added.

This prompted Paisley to respond: “Ur right tbh I just had no intention of letting it leave my close friends story til we’d gotten off the tube, and I started feeling rly bad just thinking about if it were me/one of my girl pals in that situation.”

A third wrote: “The more we say her name, the more it will recommend this tweet to all the Rosie’s out there, Twitter do your thing.”

Check out other reactions below.

In subsequent tweets, Paisley, who didn’t expect her tweets to make the rounds that they did, said “it wouldn’t surprise “ her if Rosie “or someone that she knows had seen it and come across it and possibly alerted her to it.”

But due to the tweet hasn't gone viral, she doesn’t believe Rosie would come forward because it is “mortifying.”

Paisley also said that she is sorry that this happened to Rosie and how the tweet gained so much attraction, but hopes that she “finds better people to be in her life” because she deserves it.

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