<p>Woman blocked a firetruck in an apparent emergency to shop</p>

Woman blocked a firetruck in an apparent emergency to shop

Photo courtesy of u/freakynit/Reddit

A woman was filmed obstructing a firetruck during an apparent emergency - while making a pit stop to shop.

On Sunday, the video, uploaded by Redditor u/freakynit to the subreddit titled, r/iamatotalpieceofs***, showed footage taken on a phone camera of a firetruck stopped by what appears to be a red drop-top BMW.

The firetruck is seemingly loud enough to be heard in any ground-level store since it must have been loud enough—and sat there long enough to block the passageway and for someone a few stories up to bring out a phone and record it.

A couple walking by pauses to check the vehicle; one glances into both sides of the car to determine if someone is in there. The hazard lights are also flashing on the parked BMW.

As they go away, a woman emerges with a tiny bag. Despite the sirens and knowing that she is impeding an emergency response, the woman appears unconcerned as she walks to and into her car.

The woman eventually gets in and drives away, allowing the firetruck to pass through the narrow street.

People in the comments were evidently upset with the woman for her actions, noting that the firetruck should’ve “rammed” her car.

Others spoke about her casually walking back to the car like she did nothing wrong.

“She casually walked back to her car!!! Like if I did that, I would run and apologize. She was like, ‘omg, this fire truck is so like loud ugh,’” another added.

Someone else hopes she faces some consequences for her actions, hoping the firetruck “got her number plate and escalated this to the cops. It must be massively illegal to block a fire truck.”

It’s still unclear as to when the incident actually occurred.

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