Woman books wedding despite not having a fiance and her friends are cringing

Woman books wedding despite not having a fiance and her friends are cringing

A woman is preparing heavily for her wedding despite not being engaged and people are finding it pretty odd.

Posting on Reddit, someone who knows the woman said she is in a relationship with “a real piece of work” but is so “desperate” to get married that she has made substantial plans to tie the knot without being engaged.

She wrote: “So my best friend moved to another state and met this woman and this woman was single when they met.

“She got herself a boyfriend who had no car, no home, no job. He moved in with her to her tiny studio and was a real piece of work.

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“This woman is desperate to get married so much so that she overlooks all of his very clear flaws and has started planning their wedding, without being engaged.”

The woman added the bride to (kinda) be has got a dress, flowers and location and has even started to book things.

“No proposal, no ring, no fiancé- but apparently she’s ready if and when that day comes. She has asked if Sephora does wedding makeup and where to get her hair done and started to BOOK THINGS. This is not normal behavior,” she wrote.

Responding to the post, people thought it was odd but some of them had had similar experiences.

“My ex best friend bought a wedding dress before she even had a boyfriend,” one wrote.

Another recalled: “My mom bought me a super ornate wedding dress and veil before I was engaged. I got a call at work “your veil and tiara are ready for pick up”… I was sure they had a wrong number. I was wrong.”

And a third said: “I knew someone like this. Kept the dress hanging in the doorway of her bedroom. Wedding never happened. Probably because her boyfriend was boinking every girl in town. Didn’t end well.”


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