Woman urged to call off wedding after fiancé sides with his mum in dress row

<p>What would you do if your mother-in-law was interfering in with your wedding plans?</p>

What would you do if your mother-in-law was interfering in with your wedding plans?

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A bride-to-be has asked Reddit for advice after her fiancé accused her of making his mother cry in a row over the wedding dress.

The woman, who posted on the website anonymously, explained how she is getting married in September, and how the row with her future-in-law erupted.

Her wedding has been cancelled twice due to the pandemic. The couple, who are from the UK, were meant to fly out to Italy for the small ceremony with just 16 guests, and then “have a bigger party back home.”

She wrote: “I didn't want a big wedding so this was my idea of perfection and I thought my fiancé’s too, he brought up eloping way before I said anything.”

Though these plans went awry when the mother-in-law moved down the road.

“Over a year that version of the wedding was cancelled a 2nd time, MIL [mother-in-law] moved down the road & I got pregnant.”

She added: “Since MIL moved she’s been hell. I had the baby prematurely in Dec. She is fine but while still in hospital MIL told me all the things I'd done ‘wrong’ during the pregnancy that caused the premature birth. “

But it’s not just the new baby that the mother-in-law has strong opinions about – she’s also poking her nose in the wedding plans too.

The bride even goes as far as to say her “mother-in-law has completely hijacked planning our September wedding.”

“It's now a lot more your traditional over the top big white wedding. It probably would be the perfect wedding for someone else but it really isn’t what I wanted.”

However, one thing the bride will not compromise on is her and her baby’s dress because she was previously a bespoke wedding dress designer and “it’s an area I’m pretty talented in.”

She explains she has already made her own wedding dress and is waiting to make her baby’s closer to the time so the size is perfect.

But her mother-in-law had other ideas when she turned up “gushing about the dress she just got baby to wear for wedding.”

“I was livid,” the bride added.

She told her mother-in-law to take back the dress because she was making one, though this was not well-received.

“She said I should be grateful she’d been proactive when I hadn't, that baby would probably have nothing to wear on the day if it was left to me.”

She said it cost her a lot of money and [she] won’t be able to return it. I left & fiancé told me she broke down crying and was ‘inconsolable’.”

“After he shouted at me for treating his mum like that and told me how I was turning into a bridezilla.”

The bride asked for her fiancé’s support because after all she had given up everything else she wanted for the wedding.

But, her fiancé didn’t understand why she was so upset. “He said that I haven’t even made the dress so what does it matter if she wears something else.

“I asked him to tell me the truth on if he even wanted this wedding as it was a hell of a lot of money to just throw at a party we were both going to hate. He couldn't give me a straight answer.”

And so the bride wanted to ask Reddit for advice on what to do in this messy situation and people had plenty of opinions.

One person said: “Think about whether you really want to marry a man that is already married to his mother? Seriously though, this is a little sneak peek into your future. You still have time.”

“If your fiancé can't stand up for you now, he certainly won't after the wedding. If your opinion doesn't matter one bit to him when it comes to YOUR wedding and YOUR child, you're in for a very difficult marriage,” another person wrote.

Someone else replied: “Seriously. She should just give MIL the wedding and let his mom be the bride since they so clearly only want to be attached to each other.”

“The only bridezilla here is the mother-in-law,” a fourth person commented.

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