Woman randomly finds stash of cash in online purchase of second-hand shoes

What Is Depop?
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A woman got more than she bargained for when she bought second-hand shoes online, only to discover a stash of cash hidden inside her new purchase.

TikTok Malaika (@laika0123) had paid for a pair of boots from the online marketplace Depop and when they arrived she noticed there was a crack in one of the soles.

When she decided to look at the damage on the left boot, that's when Malaika noticed a thick envelope hidden inside where the crack was and this envelope contained the stack of cash.

"Bro I thought sounds were bs [bulls***]," she wrote in the onscreen text caption, referring to a sound people on TikTok interact with in order to manifest some good luck - which is a coincidence given the cash Malaika stumbled upon in her possession.

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"Just found a stash of cash hidden in the shoes I bought on Depop in a crack at the bottom," she explained as she showed the envelope and its content, along with the broken shoe.

Since posting about her Depop dough discovery, Malaika's video has received 629,200 views, over 50,000 likes, along with over a thousand comments advising the TikTok on what to do with the money.

Of course, many advised her to keep the money and declared it a "free pass" as some people mentioned how she could take them to the bank if they are old notes - one person said: "Can go get them changed at a bank to new notes."

"Old notes though! You might be able to get them exchanged at the bank but If not they’re worthless," another person wrote.

While others questioned how on Earth the money ended up inside the boot in the first place, with a few coming up with some theories about it.

One person wrote: "Bro what was money doing in there in the first place."

"That kinda screams drug money to me but," another person said, but Malaika was certain this was not the case and replied: "It’s not there was writing on the envelope."

Someone else added: "Why did they even have that hidden there anyways bahhhhhahhhhahhh."

They said 'buy another pair since they broke at the bottom,'" a fourth person commented.

Looks like someone out there is down a wad of cash as well as a pair of boots...

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